Brad Dundas doing an assessment.
Brad Dundas doing an assessment.

Osteopathic assessment and treatment are performed at the same time. Assessment is made with the patient standing still and moving actively, and with the patient’s body being put through motion tests by the practitioner. Asymmetries of structure and restrictions of movement are corrected where they are found. Adjustments are gentle, often rhythmic and considered soothing by most patients. Some may experience soreness or tingling afterward – this is not unusual and will stop within 24 to 48 hours.

Dress as you would for a massage – light, loose or stretchy clothes. No jeans, button shirts or bras, please.

Initial assessment/treatment will takeup to an hour. Subsequent treatments may take as few as 20 minutes or as many as 60.


“Disease is only too much dirt in the wheels of life.”
                                                ~ Andrew Taylor Still