“Just wanted to tell you how much better I feel after today’s appointment. I’ve had a few things on my mind and I could feel the tension start to release during the treatment (especially while you were doing the craniosacral work). I feel more centered and grounded – it’s great to feel more like myself again.

Thanks for your help. You’re the best!”

C. Sinkins, Stratford ON

“I was experiencing pain and numbness in my arms and had a persistently sore neck and shoulders. I had been seeing an Osteopath in the UK for many years, but couldn’t find one in London until a friend mentioned that she had seen Brad. After several treatments my back and neck were straightened and I am pain-free. I still see Brad occasionally for a ‘tune-up’. Thanks for all you have done both osteopathically and by way of support over the last year.”

A. Keegan Mackriell. London ON

“As a young individual I didn’t think I had to be so careful with bending and twisting my body. I came to think Osteopathy when I had injured my lower back at work and was barely able to walk and sit without extreme pain. I didn’t have much relief from other forms of treatments so I was really amazed at how much better I felt after just one treatment. I have had great success with not only my back, but my overall health is better. I would highly recommend th!nk Osteopathy.”

Rhianne Chalmers


Thank you Brad! It is almost the one year anniversary of the day you fixed me!! Thank you thank you thank you again!!  : )

Marion Kirby

“I was suffering from occasional bouts of vertigo that come on in the middle of the night while sleeping. At one point they were quite frequent and disrupting my life and I was missing work. A co-worker highly recommended Brad who had successfully treated him with injuries from a car accident.

Brad was very willing to help me and handled my case with great care.  I went to see him a few times and the vertigo bouts were becoming fewer and farther between! I was so excited and thankful. It’s been a of couple years now since I’ve seen him and, I have had maybe three episodes. Brad has helped me greatly and I recommend him. Thanks Brad!”

Lydia Hermant