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Ontario Osteopathic Association –
The Ontario Osteopathic Association only accepts as members individuals who have completed an education that meets the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Benchmarks for Osteopathic Education. See the Benchmarks here:

The Canadian Academy of Osteopathy meets the WHO Benchmarks

meridian-instituteThe Meridian Institute, dedicated to the work of Edgar Cayce, has several early books on Osteopathy on its website. Although not a practitioner, Cayce frequently referred his patients for Osteopathic treatment.

performing-arts-medicine-associationThe Performing Arts Medicine Association is an international group of Osteopaths, Physicians, Chiropractors and a host of other health professionals with a special interest in enhancing the performance and treating injuries sustained by dancers, actors and musicians.

Jared Postance and Nancy Medeiros run the Paths to Vitality Osteopathic clinic in Toronto: